Make your Event incredibly memorable with a Beverage Topper.

Serve your guests a memorable experience with custom printed beverage toppers with any logo, photo, or selfie print directly onto their drink. Our beverage toppers are an incredible way to create unique branding or memorable experiences for weddings, corporate and private events, holidays, birthdays, mitzvahs, and more!

Pick one or both experiences for your event or special occasion.
Beverage toppers printed from your logo or image.
Live Prints
Beverage toppers printed from your guest selfies live at the event.

Are you ready to Elevate your event experience?

From event planners to individuals, beverage toppers are a quick and easy way to dramatically elevate the drink experience at one-of-a-kind events and parties.


Meetings, Conferences, Tradeshows, and Celebrations

Special Events

Weddings, Holiday, Galas, Birthdays, Private, and Mitzvahs


Activities, Graduations, Fraternities, and Sororities

Every package includes the following standard features. Be sure to ask about upgrade options.

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Standard Features
Beverage Toppers Included
Logo, Image, or Selfie Printing
Special Foam Application
Additional Toppers
Team Members
Additional Hours

Frequently asked Questions.

Contact our team if you have a question not covered in the FAQ section.

We are fully operational and servicing events. Our service allows us to maintain a safe social distance while taking photos, and we only offer no-contact sharing while observing current restrictions.  Please see our Covid-19 Plan by clicking this link.

Yes, whether you order the live event service, or added on a selfie booth or party roamer we will send you a link to all the photos captured during the event.

A 3-inch glass opening is preferred for best results.  The glass cannot be less than 3-inches and it is best to have one that is no bigger than 3.5 inches.

The beverage toppers cannot be applied to a drink with ice cubes, or carbonation.  Please note we do not serve the drinks.  We can and will poor already prepared drinks.

The drink topper paper has a slightly sweet taste and 100% vegan.  It is designed for hot or cold drinks.  The special foam applied also has a slightly sweet taste and is 100% vegan based.

The topping will last anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the glass.

The time it takes to set up depends on the service you order.  A simple self-service package with team members applying the toppers can take less than 30 minutes.  Other services requiring a selfie booth with a live print service can take up to 2 hours.

Yes, we can ship self-service presets anywhere.  Additional shipping costs will be applied.  We also deliver the drink toppers for free in the St. Louis Metro area.  There will be a delivery charge for areas outside the local area.

Yes, our team of professionals can service your event anywhere in the US.  Our local service area includes the St. Louis Metro.  Any travel outside the metro area will incur a travel charge that we can discuss during our initial consultation.

Some of our previous Event photos.

Pricing suited for Everyone.

We have the right package for every budget

Don't see what you like, let's chat to build the perfect package. See some of our upgrade options below.
Contact our team for additional
package options.
Delivery Service

$275/ 100 Toppers

There is a minimum order of 100 toppers plus a $50 setup fee.

Up to 3 images printed
Special Foam for Toppers
Instructional Video Provided
Live Print Service

$550/ 3 Hours minimum

Service includes printing of live guest photos. The toppers are $2.75 each.

Live Guest Selfie Prints
White Backdrop
Selfie Photographer
Selfie Booth
Add a Selfie Booth to the experience and guest can print a keepsake.
Team Members
If you prefer to have our team apply your self-service toppers we can.
Party Roamer
Add a Party Roamer to the experience if you want complete coverage of the event.
Additional Hours
Extended hours are available if you require a longer service.
Additional Toppers
Add more drink toppers to your minimum requirement for service.
Downtime hours
Reduce the overall cost of your event by adding downtime during dinner