COVID-19 Safe Operational Plan

St. Louis Photo Party understands the importance of health and safety during this time which is why we are taking precautionary steps to ensure the safety of our clients and events. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus and other diseases, we have introduced new measures to make your event both safe and fun!

Our Responsibilities
Stay on top of the current pandemic situation and implement changes to our practices if necessary.
Provide information on safe health, hygiene, and cleaning practices to our staff attending your event.
Provide effective cleaning products, including hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and antibacterial spray for our staff to safely practice their cleaning responsibilities.
Monitor our health and only attend if we are feeling well and show no signs of sickness.
Clean all frequently touched areas during your event, and before and after.
Practice social distancing from guests and limit contact with others (no shaking hands or touching objects unnecessarily).
Practice personal hygiene and hand wash/sanitize regularly throughout the event.
Booth Operation with COVID precautions
Social distancing will be practiced by our staff and with our new contactless sharing service, only the booth attendant will need to touch the booth screen.
Each activation is operated by one of our trained staff, who will manually enter your guests’ emails or phone numbers without your guests ever touching our equipment.
We have rolled out new sanitary guidelines for our staff that include washing hands after setup is complete and using hand sanitizer after any direct contact with guests. Any staff experiencing even the slightest flu like symptoms will be removed from our events. All touch surfaces are wiped down and disinfected regularly at events.
We are suspending reusable props for events but encourage our clients to take advantage of using our Digital Prop features to add fun designs to every photo.
Guests limited to small groups in the physical photo booths, and we will be discouraging crowding.
We offer contactless booths to further eliminate guests from interacting with any surface entirely.
Only our staff will touch the screen.
You can use a disclaimer

We think washing your hands thoroughly and often is the best prevention for the spread of viruses. We can add a reminder for your guests when they get their photo of maybe a popup right after the photo is taken.

We are flexible

We understand there is a lot of uncertainty in the industry right now and we want our clients to be able to secure us for events without feeling backed into a corner if circumstances change. We will offer a full refund for any event canceled because of Covid-19 restrictions after verification is made. Please contact our team with any questions.